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I believe that my job as a teacher is to prepare my students for the real world and as such I try to connect our learning to the world outside the classroom.   Sometimes the connection come through a discussion we have in class, other times it is video, a guest speaker of a field trip.  Each year during the Grade 5 Wetland Ecosystem Science unit, I take my student to the local wetland with a booklet outlining the activities and investigations I want them to complete while at the pond.  The kids love this hands on learning and this always promises to be a rewarding and memorable day for everyone.  This year I am very excited to also be taking part in a partnership with Lafarge Canada that will supplement this learning.  We have spent lots of time creating curriculum based critical thinking activities for the students to complete when on the trip.  I am excited for the opportunity for my students to learn first had from the people who maintain the wetland about their job, to have the experts talk to them about the importance and implications of our actions and to have my students use the equipment and see the tests that are experts do on wetland.

Another favorite lesson to I love to use when teaching decimal numbers is using menus, flyers and websites to create shopping lists.  I have 25 of  the menus above and each year we have lots of fun ordering and creating mock bills from them.  I have also had great success teaching decimals using flyers and online shopping to create their wish lists.


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