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One of Forest Green School’s goals for the past two years has including building blog portfolios to help our students keep record of the learning. As part of this journey we ask our students to pick pieces of work and reflect on why they are adding this to their portfolio.  This is not an easy task for many of the students in my class.  In December 2011 a students in my class had amazing opportunity to skate with the Edmonton Oil Kings and completed the blog post above about his experience.  I was very proud of his writing and used this post to model blog writing to the rest of our class.  We also looked at the comments to this post and revisited our class criteria for our commenting.

Each year I am presented with the age old question: “We are going on holidays can you send homework?” This time when I was presented with the question I sent a letter of the outcomes we would be covering while the student was away and asked for him to find evidence of these outcomes in the location he was visiting. It was wonderful to see the presentation this student created and to hear the conversations that occurred as he shared his learning with his classmates and they shared what we had learned with him. The learning that occurred was more powerful than anything I could have assigned.


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