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Professional Growth Plan 2011

Each year as a teacher in Alberta, I complete a Professional Growth Plan.  This goal setting practice has always helped me set out a direction for my Professional Growth for the upcoming school year.  For the past 3 years, my division has focussed our AISI time on Critical thinking.  I believe that this practice has the potential to make a huge impact on the learning of the students in my class, and as a result, I would like to use more of these strategies and ideas in my class this year.  My first Goal is related to Critical thinking.

My division has also placed a recent focus on 21st Century learning.  I believe that we live in an ever-changing world , and that as an educator, it is my job is to prepare each student for their life outside of my classroom walls.  Thus, I set my other Professional goal this year to utilize more of these 21st century learning tools to enhance student learning.


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