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As my school and division moves towards a new report card next year my assessment has changed over the past few years.

Over the past 2 years I have been  lucky to be a part of a cooperative team that worked together to come up with the big ideas from the Grade 3, 4 and 5 curriculum. I have found using these statement to indicate my students progress  refreshing, as it moved away from writing a lengthy paragraph about what we had covered that term into clear concise statement.  I loved the change and have heard positive things from my students parents!

This year I took this one step further and now have a mark book that reflects these big ideas.  I also started putting a checklist of the big ideas covered in each unit on the final assessment activities my students complete in math.  On the checklist there is a place for my students to check weather they thought each big idea was a strength or a growth for them in that unit.  I also asked each of them to come up with a strategy that they think they could do to help them improve in their math learning.  When they are done , I complete the same checklist and give them a my feedback.   These are then sent home for their parents with the assessment.   Although I had a lot of “but what is my mark?” at the beginning I believe that this is helping my students take a more in-depth look at their work and their abilities in math.


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