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I believe that differentiation happens in different ways in my classroom each day.  This goes beyond the students I have on IPP’s in my class each year and is based more on the individual conversations I have with my students.    In a multi grade classroom often offer multiple questions on the same concept to meet both the needs of my students but also the curriculum goals of the different grades.    This year one of my students is working his way through Khan Academy activities to help him with his math as he loves technology but struggles with math.

In reflecting on my e-portfolio I remembered back to one student who touched my life in a very meaning full way.  When I first Graduated from University I took a position as a TA for a year working with a Kindergarten student.  From this position I learned to both appreciate the education assistance I have been blessed to work with over the years but also more how important it was to understand the whole child.  This little boy came from a hearing impaired family and thus communicating with his family was often difficult for him, as a 5 year old.  As such we wrote his mom e-mails each week to update her on what was happening at school, I picked him up each morning as getting to school on time was a challenge for his family and we practiced his reading at school.  It was great to see him grow and take pride in his development this year.


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