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What Inspires You to be a Reader?

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First of all, I would like to thank Melanie Holtsman for posting her fall blogging topics and sparking the fire in me to get started on my personal blog.  Though I am too late to take part in the challenge, I hope to use these topic ideas as a springboard to start my own personal blog as well as a start my students on their own personal blogging challenge … wish me luck.

The first question posed to readers was :

  • “What is your life as a reader like?
  • Do you read for work, pleasure, instructions or emails?
  • Who/What is your favorite author and/or genre?
  • What is your favorite reading spot?
  • What did you like to read when you were the age of your students?”

I can honestly say that I was not a child that had an innate love for reading. I was always way more interested in the social aspect of life and saw reading as a means to an end rather than a passion. Thus, today as an educator, I can sympathize with my students who have multiple commitments and have trouble getting their home reading fitted into their day.  I have come to realize that sometimes I need to get creative to spark this passion in some students, as a love for reading can look as different as each of the students that are in my class.

Today those precious relationships in my life with friends and family continue to take priority, but I have learned to love this once daunting task. In fact, reading now takes up a large portion of my day.  As a teacher, I spend time reading my students’ work, the notes from parents, and the e-mails from my colleagues.   Children’s literature also takes up a portion of my reading time as I strive to find reading material that interests all of my students and enhances the curriculum.

Reading also plays a role in my personal life, be it reading before I go to bed each night, or reading the e-mails or personal notes. I can not imagine what my life would be like without this skill.  As a learner, I regularly take University classes that require me to read textbooks and I also have started to incorporate reading other blogs as part of my professional development.

I was inspired by the post that challenged students to list 100 things about me as a reader. Though I too was not able to make it to 100, I found it really helped me highlight all the aspects of my life where reading is an essential skill and really think about the role that reading plays in my life.

I have now opened this challenge up to my students and have asked them to reflect on the same questions listed above as the first entry in their e-portlfolio.  As the Blogfolios’s in our school are meant to show growth, over time I will also be asking each student to record their reading of a 100 word passage to add to their post.  My students will use their prompts to guide their reflective writing.   Each student will then be asked to assemble their own list of 100 things about each of them as readers which we will continue to visit periodically throughout the year.

Though the task seems large right now, I have high hopes for the reflections that the students will complete.  I believe we could all benefit from reflecting on these questions and ask all the blog readers out there… What inspires you to be a reader?


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