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Learning leader?

Last week I embarked on a new adventure as I attended mt first learning leader meeting.  I entered this new adventure with mixed emotions.

I am eager to learn different ways that I can use I-pads in my classroom. Currently, I have only used basic applications but I know that they have potential to make a huge impact on both me and my students.  I am excited to see where this road may take us.

I am excited to make new connections with educators both within my division and around the world.  I am always striving to create new and engaging lessons for my students and I know that there are many amazing educators out there that I can learn from. I started a twitter account last year, and though I am still a twitter “lurker”, I have already benefited from lots of amazing lessons and resources.

I have always struggled with the sharing piece, but I see how this is a vital and important part of the puzzle.  That being said, I can relate completely to the video that George Couros shared with us:

So here we go, I am now stepping into the uncomfortable zone and putting myself out there.   I hope that with time and encouragement, I will become more confident in pushing the ” publish” button.    I look forward to the adventure.


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