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Goals for a Great Year

As the days in August passed, I began to ask myself – “What shall we do on the first day of school?”   This year, like most teachers, my plan for the first day was packed with enough activities to last for the first three days.  The first activity – guessing game “Get to Know Your Teachers” proved to be big hits for my grade fours and fives. This was a fun “hook” that created a positive atmosphere and paved the way for us to establish
the classrooms rules and expectations.

Over the years, I have tried several different things with various degrees of success. One year we made trail mix and then the students wrote the
ingredients for a good year followed by the steps that would need to be followed to make that happen.
However, this year my partner teacher suggested a more basic approach.  We simply asked our students the following three questions:

  1.   Why do you come to school?
  2.  What do we each have to do to ensure that we can all learn?
  3.  What are going to be our classroom expectations?

The students’ responses and related discussion shocked me. We came up with the following to post on our wall and sign.
We believe in:

  •  inspiring others
  •  being leaders
  •  being trustworthy
  •  teamwork

Although these seem simple, they encompass all that we hope our classroom will be this year. I believe that involving students in meaningful
dialogue sets the tone for an open, honest, caring classroom.  I have had a great first few months with a group of students that are all of these things and look forward to the rest of the year.


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