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This year I started my Grade 4 Science with the unit Waste and Our World.  This year my Grade 4’s seemed particularly interested in the outcomes and activities. They were inspired after viewing the art displayed at the Alberta Art museum and at the SanFransisco Aquarium at the Bay so I suggested that they create “Garbage Art” as a culminating activity.

The criteria we set was as follows:
• must be made of all recycled items (parent should not buy anything)
• must show creativity

My students were excited about the activity from the onset and this contagious excitement continued to completion day. I was blown away by
the unique and creative projects that they came up with and how engaged they were in the process. Each project depicted originality and creativity and NO two were the same.

I am not an artist and planning engaging Art projects is always a challenge for me. I feel that it my job to expose my students to various
art forms, techniques and to help them develop an appreciation for art. But finding ways to meet these objectives is not easy. Although I try to
think of open ended projects that allow creativity, the end results are frequently 23 student projects that look very similar.
I have always struggled with the idea of creating a sample as a guide for students to follow. Although some students seem to enjoy having
an idea of what the finished project might look like, they frequently become frustrated when trying to emulate the example provided.  I have searched for the activities that would engage my students and stilllet them explore.  Alas in the “Garbage Art” activity, I found it and I am delighted with the results!

Of course I could not have done this alone and need to say a huge thank you to the parents in my room. They helped students gather the materials
and listened as each child developed a plan.  I was also fortunate enough to have had 2 volunteers who were very experienced with glue guns. This project would not have been such a success without them!

Just wondering if there are “non-art” majors with some interesting ideas that allowed them to capture the true artist in their students.


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